Best PUBG Names / Usernames Collection [650+] PUBG Clan name Ideas

Pubg Names : Get over 650+ PUBG Username and Clan Names Ideas. All the Names mentioned here are either original or personally handpicked by us through the large pool called internet. You can always jump the gun and choose a name right the back of your head but its always wise to put some brain juice behind your decision in the long run. Many pro gamers these days have stuck with lame or unoriginal names but are unable to re-brand as they are known for that name. A good gaming username shall be the sole legacy of a gamer. Even if you are not thinking getting into competitive gaming, its always safe to choose a name that you can be known with publicly.

PUBG Names

Update : 9-03-18 : New Names Added !

In order to make this collection as diverse as possible, we went ahead and diversified all of them into categories. This way it will be easier for you to find the desired variety name. If you have played PUBG or even seen gameplays online, you will know that people are not particularly picky when it comes to names. Using original names is understandable but chances of getting it without any unnecessary prefixes/suffixes is hard. And trust me when I say that no one likes “Mike7689” or “Rahul1995” ‘s. 

1. Funny Pubg Usernames / Nicknames

Humor is among the first qualities that comes into mind while deciding a name. Your teammates shall be more inclined to talk to you if they find your name funny or edgy. You can get a general idea of what I’m saying by looking at this list of Funny Usernames for PUBG Mobile.

  1. Mujrim
  2. PubgDude
  3. MarendraNodi
  4. Gangadhar
  5. Kamlesh
  6. Shaktiman
  7. ꧁༒☬sunny☬༒꧂
  8. Thunderbeast
  9. WizardHarry
  10. Ball Blaster
  11. *Rahulgandhi*
  12. krk
  13. Deepak Kalal
  14. SukaByaat
  15. T-Series
  16. PubgPie
  17. BruteFact
  18. Blossflop
  19. TangoBoss
  20. ProPubgthelegend
  21. Diwana
  22. Fillamentus
  23. IntentionalDisregard
  24. MissionPossible
  25. DriftFlake
  26. KungFury
  27. ChibyKong

2. Hindi PUBG Names (INDIAN PUBG NAMES / best pubg names male)

As most of you already know, a considerable amount of active PUBG gamers are from India. In fact, it is the most popular game there. It has penetrated the millennial audience significantly in the past year; So much so that people considers the criteria of “Will it run PUBG” Before buying phones. Needless to say you can use these names even if you use PUBG PC.

  1. बंदूकवाला
  2. क़ातिल
  3. कसाई
  4. पबजी स्नाइपर
  5. आज़ाद पिस्तौल
  6. पोचीनकी का डॉन
  7. बूटकैंप का डाकू
  8. **Shaktiman**
  9. BiryaniMonster
  10. Thakur


3. PUBG Nicknames Ideas (pubg names ideas)

These are some right off the back cool sounding user names for PUBG. You can either use them as they are by copying pasting them or You can use your own brain and add / remove elements to make it your very own.

  1. Brocklii
  2. Aniflex
  3. Mutephantom
  4. Blufiz
  5. Brutalo
  6. Firefury
  7. Tunefly
  8. Vizcus
  9. PanAssassin

4.  PUBG Clan Name Ideas

If you plan to start  a clan of your own, we would highly recommend you to put some grey matter into actions. This is because in a clan your name represent your whole team and the entire players. In pro leagues, commentators uses the clan names to address the entire teams progress. This is why we have come up with this fresh list of unused PUBG clan names that you can make your own.

  1. Optimal Aces
  2. Inimical Thugs
  3. Fear Butchers
  4. Left Divide
  5. Psychedelic Servicemen
  6. Militaristic Fighting Machine
  7. Keen Team Six
  8. Fuzzy Pack
  9. Straight Gangsters
  10. Mortified Coercion
  11. Lyrical Armed Services
  12. Outrageous Dominance
  13. Homely Sharpshooters
  14. Plain Privilege
  15. Brash Thugs
  16. Annoyed Power
  17. Demonic Criminals
  18. Abnormal Vigor
  19. Nutty Domination
  20. Complex Slayers
  21. Faulty Devils
  22. Fanatical Tyranny
  23. Odd Hooligans
  24. Organic Punks
  25. Quarrelsome Strategy
  26. Hungry Admirals
  27. Cloudy Perpetrator
  28. Mighty Mafia

One thing to add lastly, there is no need to use the names as they are. You can add or remove any elements you like or don’t like for your PUBG user name or clan name. IF you liked the list we have come up with here then please share this article with your friends and comment what names you’ve got so that we can update the list.

Hope you liked Best PUBG Names / User names 2019. Please provide suggestions on how can we improve this list. Come up with your own names in the comments and we will add them here. Name tags are very important in order for a good overall gaming experience. We recommend you to put good amounts of brain works while coming up with a username. 

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