PUBG Mobile Beta 0.9.0 APK Download ( GLOBAL BETA )

Download PUBG Mobile Global Beta 0.9.0 right now from the link mentioned below. This version rocks a timer in the lobby that will tell you an estimated time left for the match to start. It will be more useful to higher ranking players as it takes forever to match players of the same ranks. So, if this feature gets a good response by you guys, then we will also be able to see this features in the regular version of this game as well.


Tencent has been testing numerous state of the art weapons and features to make PUBG Mobile stand out among the crowd full of battle royale games. This is really good for us players as it will always force them to continue improving. Also worth mentioning that they are already reaping out benefits as more than 10 million players daily play this game and numerous of them end up buying in-game skins which, as most of you know, is the main source of their earnings in the PUBG Mobile division.

Features in PUBG Beta Download

0.9.0 runs on the same beta server as the other beta was in. So, if you had created an account on previous test versions then you will be able to use the same credentials to log in on this version as well. Now, some of you might not want to have a beta version in your phone as all the progress made throughout your time in this beta, will not get transferred to your main account. But in case you have enough enthusiasm for this game, then you will want to be the first in line to play the latest features.

Download PUBG Mobile Beta 0.7.5 GLOBAL BETA

  • There will be bots in training room
  • Extreme mode is adjusted. Supposedly gets less choppy on mid-range devices
  • Driving is comparatively more realistic
  • The accidental scope – bug is patched

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“Bots in the training room” is not exactly what we asked, but its cool to see Developers responding to player’s requests in order to improve the overall experience.

Download PUBG Mobile Beta 0.9.0 (Global)

Here is your PUBG Beta Apk . Click on the download button in order to get redirected to the official download page. iPhone users must open it with safari in order to get things to work.


Download PUBG Beta Mobile : Let us know What else you’d like to see here. Also, comment in case you are having any issues with the download links provided. PUBG beta is the testing ground for the next big update in the franchise – 0.8.0 . It means that feedbacks and reviews obtained from this beta shall lead to further improvements in the overall gaming experience.

Balancing and Bugfixes

These are new fixes introduced in PUBG 0.9.0 beta.

  1. Vehicle sounds have been improved and optimized.
  2. Limb damage has been slightly reduced.
  3. Characters should no longer enter sprint when fall great distances.
  4. Menu and results screen graphical bugs are fixed.
  5. Players should no longer take random fall damage when bumping into other players.
  6. The UAZ will no longer randomly hit and knock out drivers or passengers.
  7. The camera should no longer shake excessively when riding in the sidecar of the motorcycle.
  8. The backpack capacity indicator should now read correctly.
  9. Optimized connection issue resolutions.
  10. Other bug fixes.
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