Get Your Virtual Credit Card (VCC) in India By Any Of These Top Providers

Virtual Credit Card (VCC)  is a great way to pay online when your physical card is blocked. Its not actually a credit facility card but a debit one. People with no access to physical cards can also use VCC to make payments. Virtual Card is a popular term world wide. It mostly helps in making quick payments with less hassle. In India, we don’t see much awareness of this method. Mostly because companies offering VCC generally don’t advertise this feature. But think of it as a disposable card. You can recharge or delete it anytime and if you feel like it, you can create another one in no time. I’m going to list several services and apps which offers VCC with unique features. You can check them all out and decide yours favourite to work with.

Get Your Virtual Credit Card (VCC) in India By Any Of These Top Providers

With a virtual credit card, you get a card number, start date/expiry date, CVV2 code and possibly a secure code for online use. You can then use the card in any card not present situation. For example, making payments online, over the phone, or sometimes even over fax/mail. What is known in the industry basically as MOTO (mail order, telephone order).

Best VCC Services In India

Even a Govt bank like SBI offers a disposable VCC these days. But in this list, I’m going to mention those apps & services which offers free cards to everyone. Meaning no matter which bank’s account holder you are, you will be able to get a prepaid VCC using these services. If you are an SBI customer and Want to use their VCC service then scroll down I have explained the method there.

1. Udio Wallet

It offers a Visa VCC that can be topped up by any card/internet banking you have. App is on play store and app store, Option for the VCC comes at the homepage when you download it. All you need to do is to add your email, details and verify your number. After it will be an OTP based VCC just like your physical one. Speaking of which, You can order your physical udio card too. Since, it will be visa based, you’d be able to use it any card accepting outlets. Few people have complains regarding Udio and its customer support. Support seems poor as per feedbacks I’ve seen in Different forums. In my case, I had perfectly bought a domain and Ordered a pizza using Udio Wallet.

Udio Virtual card


VCC Aside, the app itself is really nice. It allows BharatQR payment service which is superfast when you set it up. You can also order a Phsyical card but that’s something for another day.

Download Udio

2. Union Bank Digipurse Wallet

A service by Union Bank but you do not need a Union Bank Account to use it. I’d say the app at its current state looks poor and awfully designed when compared to the competitors. But it works just fine. In fact it is the quickest when comes to verifying the details. As soon you download the app you are asked your email, details and phone no. After netting everything up, One can go to the Digipurse menu to access the VCC.

Digipurse vIRTUAL cARD

Big Con : No international payments. If you wanna pay for services like iTunes, Paypal then please use other services listed here.

Download Digipurse

3. Pockets Wallet by ICICI Bank

Pockets offers an interesting UI with a unique set of colors that appeal to eyes. Its VCC system is pretty simple too and it works Internationally. Apart from a VCC providers, Pockets Wallet gives exclusive deals on a variety of items to buy. One big disadvantage is the app seems poorly coded. It takes time to open occasionally and lags a lot. But it works just fine other than that. Again, You do not need an ICICI account to get the Virtual Card.

Pockets Wallet by ICICI Bank

Download Pockets Wallet

4. Oxigen Wallet Prepaid Card

It asks For aadhaar number at the beginning of installation but you can skip it. This VCC also works on Visa and is limited for Indian use only. You will be able to buy Hotstar subscription and all eCom things using it. Apps interface looks good and overall performance is above average. This is one of the best Indian-only use VCC.

Oxigen Wallet Prepaid Card

Download Oxygen Wallet

5. SBI Virtual Card

This one requires you to have an SBI account. Good thing here is you can get this without any app. If you happen to be a SBI internet banking customer, Just open the portal and Go to “eServices” panel. From there you will be able to create a temporary card with a pre decided limit. I’d only recommend this if others somehow aren’t suitable for you. This is the most faulty service by far. May work a few times fine but becomes a pain when it doesn’t send OTP.

SBI Virtual Card

Login SBI


An Opinion

All these services works and few are backed by actual banks. You can trust your money with them as much as you trust services like PayTM. I want to add a very interesting opinion here that might help you realise the Importance of VCC. There is a term called “Carding” which basically means theft of card details through hacking or social engineering. Believe or not there is not always the guarantee that the card payment you do online is completely secure and private. Yo may get targeted by hackers via malware or phishing. Worst thing is that some of these tools are totally invisible on your phone/pc and many antiviruses can’t track them. This way, you can lose a hell lot of your money.

My method is to purchase all small things under Rs 10,000 with VCC and never using actual cards for it. From now I have decided I will only use the physical cards when I find the need for it. Well that’s just my way, you can do you.

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